Aston Villa’s Gabriel Agbonlahor is mad about a match that was played over 5 years ago

Gabriel Agbonlahor of Aston Villa has expressed his disgust concerning the final match between his club when they faced off with Manchester United during the 2010 Football League Cup Final which was played in Wembley.
The final scoreboard of this match displayed 1-2 at the end of it all as Manchester United barely managed to claim the victory and win the piece of silverware. Agbonlahor believes that Aston Villa was cheated in this game as it was his team which deserved to have won it.

In the 5th minute of the game Aston Villa took the lead through a penalty kick which was scored by James Milner. Gabriel Agbonlahor was able to get past Manchester United’s NemanjaVidic and the defender had no other option other than to bring down Agbonlahor inside the penalty box and the referee allowed Aston Villa on taking the set-piece which was scored by Aston Villa’s James Milner.

During the moment when NemanjaVidic tackled Agbonlahor and brought him down, Vidic was the last defender of Manchester United that was in the path of the goal but the referee Phil Dowd did not give away a red card and the 28 year old English forward believes that a red card should had been given to Vidic.

‘’We were cheated. I think every person who watched the game would agree it should have been a red card. That cost us. ‘Martin O’Neill was seething and rightly so. I don’t think he’s forgiven him yet. We started on top and if Vidic gets sent off it’s a different game for Man United. They would have probably brought off one of their goal scorers’’

When Gabriel Agbonlahor was asked about what he has done with the runner-ups medal that was given to him, the English player replied by saying that it must be somewhere in the trees of Wembley as he just doesn’t care about those medals as he is certain that his team deserved to have come out on top with the victory instead of Manchester United.