A 2nd half penalty kick from Steven Gerrard rescued 1 point for Liverpool as they faced off against Aston Villa during their latest Premier League match. When the game concluded the goalkeeper of Aston Villa stated that even Luis Suarez himself was surprised when the referee awarded them with the set-piece.

“I was pretty confident in myself that I hadn’t touched him so I said to him ‘did I touch you?’ He said ‘I don’t know.’ That’s the honest truth of it,” he told reporters.

“Sometimes they go for you and sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately, for us it didn’t. I thought at the time that I’d pulled my hands back and, having seen it again on TV, I don’t think I made contact with him.

“Whether the referee saw that I’m not sure, I don’t know where his position was, but from my point of view it was a soft penalty. I think Suarez was probably a bit surprised as well to see it given. But these decisions happen and you have to get on with it and go again.”

While Brad Guzan is certain that he did not make any contact with Luis Suarez and everything he did was just dive for the penalty kick to be awarded, according to Brendan Rodgers, the referee made the correct decision and that his side even deserved to get another one.

“I thought we got one penalty and didn’t get another one. I thought the one in the first half Leandro Bacuna handles the ball clearly. He saw the flight of the ball coming over and then moves away at the last minute. It hit his arm but went away for a corner.

“And the second one I thought was a penalty. It was a great pass; Luis took it up to the keeper and gets a touch on him. It was a Uruguayan penalty this week! Once he’s touched it around him, Guzan doesn’t have his arms out, but his body makes contact with Luis, and I think it was a clear penalty.” Rodgers said.