Gabriel Agbonlahor doesn’t have what it takes to be the captain of Aston Villa

Fabian Delph is the captain of the Premier League side Aston Villa but there have been a few occasions in previous seasons when Gabriel Agbonlahor was given the captaincy armband but the former Aston Villa player, Andy Gray believes that Agbonlahor doesn’t have the leadership skills needed in order to guide a team.

Andy Gray used to perform for Aston Villa back in 1975 until 1979 where he managed to score over 50 goals and make 113 appearances. Gray is now retired but he still remains up to date with news in the world of football as he works for the sports channel beIN Sports and one of the latest things that Gray has said involved Gabriel Agbonlahor and the captaincy role at Aston Villa.

Former player of Aston Villa, Andy Gray said: “I don’t know where the leadership comes from, that’s what worries me as well. I look around the team. I don’t see Gabby Agbonlahor as captain, I’m sorry, I don’t. You lead because you’re a leader of men, which he’s not. Or you lead with your performances on the pitch and he hasn’t done that for me. I don’t see that captain as been the leader that Villa need at all.’’

Gabriel Agbonlahor is not a fans favorite for the supporters of Aston Villa as the player has never truly managed to have a standout season for the Premier League club.

Agbonlahor made his debut for Aston Villa at the Premier League at the age of 19 back in March of 2006 and so far has made over 300 appearances but his goal-scoring record hasn’t been as impressive as the player has only scored 76 goals.