Gabriel Agbonlahor, one of Aston Villa’s most prized players, has requested that other clubs not bother with the bidding as he has pledged to stay with the side for as long as he plays football professionally.

The last 12 months had been difficult for the Aston Villa striker under erstwhile manager Gerard Houllier, but has started afresh under current manager Alex McLeish.

Agbonlahor has 7 goals in the Premier League for this season said that he immensely enjoyed playing for Aston Villa and that most other clubs in the tournament were probably aware of that, as there hadn’t been any bids for him although the transfer window has been open for quite some time.

The England striker added that it must be quite evident to other teams that every team has a few players in their line-up who genuinely enjoy playing for the side. As an example, he mentioned Steven Gerrard.

Discounting the fact that he is currently on loan to one of their biggest rivals, he has been at Liverpool nearly his whole life. Agbonlahor says that his loyalty to Aston Villa remains, no matter what.

Abgonlahor added that it is only natural that the top players in a side will be linked to other clubs during the transfer season and that his team-mate Darren Bent has already been linked to Liverpool. But like Gabriel, Darren has no immediate plans of switching to another team.

Besides, Bent has just signed a multi-million pound deal with his club and wouldn’t want to dishonor it. The links were obvious as Liverpool were looking for another striker after Luis Suarez was banned.

Agbonlahor said that if all the rumors were to be believed, then his club would be buying 10 players during the transfer window. All that remains to be seen is how long the allegiance stays true.