Will Gabriel Agbonlahor suffer the same fate as RemiGarde?

Following a string of defeats and underwhelming results, RemiGarde was sacked from his managerial role and relegation from the Premier League seems to be inevitable for Aston Villa in this season after only being able to seal 16 points from their opening 31 matches of the season.

A few months ago in January, Gabriel Agbonlahor was rumored on being offloaded from Aston Villa as he was dropped to the sidelines for a brief period of time, these rumors were shut down as the Englishman had sustained an injury around the same time but after recovering, the striker was able to restore his starting role position in the Premier League outfit.

However, after taking a closer look at the statistics of Gabriel Agbonlahor, it’s time for him to step it up or he might have to be released all-together.

Gabriel Agbonlahor has scored 1 goal from the 15 league games that he has performed in this season and it’s a fairly low amount of goals scored compared to other players in Aston Villa.

With relegation edging closer and closer, the decline of the club cannot only be blamed on 1 player as the entire squad has been struggling to perform at a high level and the next manager that decides to take charge of Aston Villa FC might have to offload a few other players who just aren’t performing at the level that is required for the club to stay alive in this season and avoid relegation.

The 29 year old English attacker Gabriel Agbonlahor used to be very explosive but things have changed as he is not the same player as some time ago and for someone who has been performing with Aston Villa since the age of 18, he has earned the support and love from Villa fans and would hate to see him leaving the club while there are others that are aware of the huge drop of form of Agbonlahor and know that in order to upgrade the team some players have to leave and the Englishman is one of them who is being linked with a move away from the club.