Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has said that the team should not get complacent after managing to put together a run of form in recent matches, which has helped them get clear of the relegation zone.

After managing to get three wins in the last five matches, the team are currently three points above the relegation zone with only eight matches remaining in the season. Despite having a good run of form, Lambert has said that the players should expect more struggles in the remainder of the season. The club will be going into the international break with confidence after having taken 9 points out of a possible 15.

The Premier league will resume for Aston Villa with the match against Liverpool, which will be one of the toughest for the club from now till the remainder of the season. Lambert has said that he has been having a lot of faith in the team even though many have written them off at various stages in the season. The former Norwich manager, though, is just hoping that the international break has not disrupted the momentum that his team has built at this crucial stage in the season. Villa will face the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea in the remaining eight matches of the season.

“We have to. I’ve always said when we were beaten and everyone was writing us off, you just keep everyone level-headed and go again. It will be the same in the coming weeks, level-headed and go again. Everyone knows the rules with the international games which are important for everyone’s respective countries. That is the way the fixtures go. There are still eight games to go. We will have to wait and see. It gives us a good feeling around the football club,” said Lambert.