Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonlahor says he is happy with the way the team is working as they prepare to return to top flight football as soon as possible after suffering from their first relegation to the English Championship since the formation of the club in 1992.

The club hired former Blues manager Roberto Di Matteo to lead the team back to top flight football after they delivered arguably their worst performance in a season since joining the English Premier League. Agbonlahor, 29, suffered huge criticism for his role on and off the pitch in the last campaign, considering his history with the club. The player is now desperate to restore such huge confidence installed on him as they settle into the season to fight their way back up.

“I know there are a lot of fans that don’t speak too well of me and there are those that do. I think the fans do deserve to be in the premier League, as they always have been,” the former captain told Birmingham Mail. He added that the whole team would be fighting for the return from the first game.

Aston Villa legend Ian Taylor has backed the player to return to his best after his disappointing performance in the last season. Ian also pleaded for the fans to forgive the player as it felt as if he was not giving his best. He insisted that the player got what it takes to prove himself and says there’s still time for him to redeem himself, even at the Championship.

“Sometimes you can spend too long at a football club, and there’s been a few people saying Gabby should move on. But it he’s a Villa fan and if he wants to play for the football club, then he’s got to show it and prove it,” Taylor said.