The Aston Villa striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor, has said that he hopes to get more opportunities to play as a striker in the current season. In the last season, Alex McLeish, who was the manager of Aston Villa at that time, had used Agbonlahor in different positions.

He had to play as a midfielder on several occasions and the English striker was not happy with that. As per Agbonlahor, he is a central striker and he always wants to play as a striker. He doesn’t want his position to be changed too often. It was frustrating to play in the midfield in the last season, and saw him being linked (by Arsenal news amonsgt others) with a move to the Emirates.

The performance of Aston Villa was very poor in the last season under the guidance of McLeish. The team managed to win only 21.4% of its matches. McLeish had to pay the price for it and he was terminated from his post and Paul Lambert was appointed as the new manager of Villa.

Agbonlahor seemed to be quite happy with the appointment of Lambert as the new manager. As per Agbonlahor, Lambert is a very supportive coach and he doesn’t try to force his decisions on to the players. He has got some very good strategies and if the players play according to his plans in the current season, the team is going to do very well.

Agbonlahor wasn’t able to play in a few matches at the start of the ongoing season due to the knee injury. But, he made a comeback in the team by playing in the match against Newcastle United. He played in his preferred striking position in that match. He didn’t manage to score any goal, but, his performance was decent. There was one goal scored by each team and the match ended in a draw. Villa will play its next match against Swansea City on 15th of September at Villa Park.